Best Tattoo For You | Tattoo Time Estimation Tool

How long will your tattoo take?

Getting a tattoo takes time. You need to realize that sometimes a tattoo will take 2 or 3 passes to really be considered “done” and there are unlimited variables that will change the amount of time that a tattoo will take to get. That being said, use this tool to get an idea of how long your tattoo will take to get, a general ballpark guess from the tool to determine the price as well to reduce the sticker shock you may have. Our data is from years of experience and the South Florida tattoo market, which is considered medium across the country.

How to use this tool:

Select the style of the tattoo you want, the location of the tattoo, the general size of the tattoo and if it's black and white or color. The algorithm will take that data and give you a general idea of how long to plan for that tattoo and if you should break it into sessions or take it in one go.


Tattoo Time Estimate Tool™

  • If you don’t know what type of style you want to get, use our Best Tattoo For You Tattoo Style Tool™
  • Use the slider to determine how much of the area will be covered. For a sleeve or a full chest piece you would have several areas fully covered.