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Tattoos Hurt.

Everyone understands that, but no one is talking about what body parts hurt more than others. The Best Tattoo For You estimation tool solves this problem. Learn what spots hurt the most and which are cake walk with this easy to use application.

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Tattoos can’t be rushed.

There is no set time frame for a tattoo to get done, but there are general time frames and ideas that we can give you by asking a few questions and learning what kind of tattoo you are looking to get. Use this as a rule of thumb, not as a prediction of the future.

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Tattoos are not cheap.

Tattoos are a lifetime investment that are not something to price shop, but we understand the need to understand how much something may cost before committing to the process. Use this application to estimate your cost.

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Tattoo Cost Estimates

Tattoos range in cost from artist to artist and area to area, but we have built this interactive map to help you understand how much your tattoo will cost.

Price Estimate Tool
Tattoo Time Estimates

We all have busy lives, but a tattoo isn’t something you want to rush. Get an idea of how long your tattoo will take with this tool.

Time Estimate Tool
Tattoo Pain Estimate

No tattoo is going to feel like a wonderful massage, but you can learn which areas of the body are going to cause the most pain and which are tolerable with this tool.

Pain Estimate Tool
Tattoo Style Guide

There are countless individual styles to tattooing. No two artists are going to create the same piece exactly the same, but this tool will give you a general idea of what tattoo styles look like, how they heal and how they look over time.

Tattoo Style Tool
Tattoo Placement Guide

No one can tell you where the “proper” place is for your tattoo, but we can suggest and advise placement. Certain tattoo placement carries inherent workplace and social risk.  Use this tool to understand those risks of placement.

Tattoo Placement Tool
Tattoo Artist Guide

Every artist is going to have their own particular style and technique. Some are over 40 years in and aren’t interested in new styles while others are on the bleeding edge of technology. Use this tool to determine which type of artist you want to find.

Artist Style Tool

We have years of experience in the tattoo world.

We want you to make sure that you get the best tattoo for you, every time you sit down in a chair. Use this site as a resource, when you need to get a new tattoo, or you are in a new city and want a piece, let show you the way.


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